Questions our clients ask regarding Estate or Content Sales

What do we SELL ?

  • General Household Items and appliances
  • Antiques & Vintage Furniture
  • Modern Furniture (all types)
  • Art, Pianos, Coins, Carpets
  • Sterling Silver & Silver Plate
  • Bronzes, Fine Jewelry, Costume and Vintage Jewelry
  • China, Crystal, Porcelain, Vintage Books
  • Vintage Clothing Dolls, Toys, Baseball cards
  • Accessories especially from the 50’s
  • Electronics, Sports Equipment
  • Cars & Boats
  • Whatever is in your Home we will sell

How much time is needed to prepare the sale?
Depending on the size of the sale one to two weeks is enough but if it is a very large sale more time is necessary.

How much time in advance is required to book a sale?
We recommend the sooner the better so you can have the date you need.


Questions Buyers Ask

Are credit cards accepted?

No. Cash, money order or bank draft only please.

When do the larger items need to be picked up from the sale?

On the day of the sale, or maximum two days proceeding the sale.  On occasion, special arrangements can be made.

Do we Deliver?

We do not but we can recommend moving companies that we work with.


Should you have other questions you need answered please call, or contact us by email.
905-787-9329 or   shirleysortit@gmail.com