Estate & Content Sales

Moving, renovating, joining households, downsizing, or dispersing estates are just some of the many reasons why our clients choose Shirley Sort It to conduct their content sales.

Dispersing your belongings can be daunting.  We strive to keep this process as simple and stress-less as SSI checking it outpossible.  Working with families is our specialty.  From start to finish, we will be there to oversee and manage all of the preparations for the sale and on the day of the sale we will be there to maximize the cash for your contents.

Sorting through a lifetime of belongings can be overwhelming.  Everyone has fond memories of the items in their home, and it is hard to let go.  Yet the clutter has become so overwhelming that it can be difficult to enjoy your living space as it once was.   Clutter can create serious hazards and makes it impossible to enjoy your most precious treasures.

Our compassionate staff walks along side you during this emotional time to help make decisions of de-cluttering, what to keep, sell or give away. We help you showcase all your prized possessions.

Preparing for the Sale
Before the sale, we come to the house to review the home contents with you and separate the belongings into three main groups:  Keep, Sell, Give Away.  You have the final say on how the contents are disbursed.

We evaluate, inspect, and research each item, and when necessary we bring in experts to assist us in the appraisal of antiques, art, silver, coins, etc.  We price each item for the maximum Top Dollar return. We optimize pre-sale transactions by contacting our ever growing mailing list of buyers and antique dealers.

We advertise & promote the estate sale by posting digital photos on our website, and other online market places.  We place ads in local newspapers, emails to our mailing lists clients, and place outdoor signage in the neighborhood

For the sale, we rearrange furniture, display household items, and stage the home to get optimum dollar for the furnishings at current market price.

DAY of the SALE
Sales take place on the weekend and are either one or two day sales.  Our staff wear identifiable name tags, work the floor to encourage sales, and provide excellent customer service answering any information needed.

After the sale, we promptly remit the proceeds of the sale to the owners.
We remove any remaining items and arrange to donate them to a charity of your choice.
We clean and prepare the home for new owners

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