Downsizing and moving can be a very traumatic and emotional experience for seniors who are entering into their next stage of life, relocating to a smaller residence.

All kinds of questions are racing through the mind

  • Where do I start?
  • What do I do with the furnishings I no longer need?
  • Moving day is rapidly approaching and I worry about getting  everything done on time.

Shirley Sort It will simplify this process by organizing, de-cluttering, packing, and making all the arrangements that are necessary to make the transition to your new residence as stress-free as possible.  Shirley understands  the emotional stress that you are under and will be there to guide you through this ordeal.

Our motto is  Organize not Agonize

We will simplify the process of moving by:

  • Organizing and removing all of the clutter
    •  Disposing of the obvious garbage
    •  The remaining furnishings can be sold, donated to your charity of choice, or given away to friends and family.
    •  Select only the treasures and keepsakes that will fit into your new home.
    •  Pack and label the boxes while ensuring that they are not too heavy.
    •  Stage and prepare the existing home for resale in order to receive more financial gains

Help is there for you, call Shirley at 905-787-9329