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Serving Toronto & Surrounding areas
Specialists in Estate & Content Sales from your home
Senior Moving  Downsizing  De-cluttering

Are you Downsizing, Moving or De-cluttering ???
Do you have TOO MUCH STUFF ???
Let us know and we can HELP !!


Shirley Sort It has been specializing in organizing Estate and Content Sales for the past twelve years in the Greater Toronto Area. We organize, de-clutter, stage and merchandise content and estate sales from your home
Our GOAL is to satisfy our clients and exceed your expectations
JUST PHONE and ASK what we can do to help

  • FREE one hour home consultation to discuss your options and suggest  what would be the best way to meet your personal requirements.  We will recommend a solution for your specific needs then proceed to the objectives.
  • We are fully insured

Our goal is to reduce the stress, and increase the financial benefits that occur when our clients are in the process of downsizing,  or dispersing of an estate.

Our Clients Include:

  • People who are downsizing to a smaller space
  • Caretakers of elderly relatives who are moving into a retirement residence
  • Executors of estates
  • Families on the move who need to sell their used and unwanted items before moving into their new home
  • People going through a divorce who must liquidate their household items

We know that all these experiences can be stressful and emotional. Shirley Sort It comes to your home and helps make the experience of parting with items that are no longer needed as pleasant and profitable as possible without the aggravation or heartache.

We guarantee a professional stress free alternative for people who simply do not have the experience, time, expertise or access to a large customer base.